Oh God not again! One tragedy too many! …And my darling Mum bows out! I just cannot find the words.

Yet to recover from dad’s passing on June 10th 2020; yet to complete dad’s mourning period, my beloved mum decides to join the heavenly saints on March 1st 2021, dad’s birthday, the day he would have turned 89. What a coincidence.

I have so many questions.

My siblings and I, your “famous six,” as she and dad would refer to us, are simply devastated beyond words. We have cried our eyes out, cried so much that tears just roll down our faces subconsciously as we continue to ask ‘Why?’

Where has Mum Mum gone? It was so sudden. We didn’t get a chance to say our final goodbyes.

Darling Mum Mum, gorgeous Mum, beautiful Mum, Fashionista Mum, Ugo si mba, Electric Mum,(Eleti- Oku), Waspito, its still like a bad dream, still very surreal and unbelievable that you are gone forever.

Our hearts bleed.

On my last birthday on 7th March, I waited as usual for my phone to ring and to hear you call me “Ouch Bebe” and wish me a happy birthday. I waited in vain. That call never came. It then dawned on me that indeed, my beloved mum had gone to be with the Lord.

The pain and anguish are indescribable. My heart continues to bleed.You and dad were very close, an example of what other couples should emulate, inseparable evenunto death. “Two peas in a pod”, as your doctor in Connecticut would call both of you. This gives me some comfort knowing that you left this world to be with dad in heaven, and the fact that you left on his birthday was quite significant.

Mum was nicknamed Electric (Eleti), because she was so beautiful with her smooth and spotless light skin. She glowed like the finest and brightest electric bulb. She had a sweet smile. She was our shinning light. Our bright light. She was our rallying point. She lit up the room wherever she went. She was a star.

Death just stole one of the best!

She was a strong, very confident and self-assured woman who rose to become the first female Registrar of the University of Nigeria among many other achievements. I inherited these traits from you, Mum. Thank you.

It was Mothers’ Day on 14th March. We grieved. We cried. We looked for you. When we didn’t see you, we sent you a Mother’s Day note. Hope you read it.

You and dad called us “the famous six.” You were so proud of us. You were the best mum in the whole wide world. You were there for us. You were our best friend, our confidant, our adviser, our gossip pal, our everything.

You and dad taught us the real value of life, taught us the golden rule, taught us that contentment was a virtue. You taught us the importance of family. You provided the glue that held us firmly together as a family. You taught us to band together always regardless of life’s challenges. We became a very close-knit family, a family held together by a special bond filled with love, which soon became the envy of others.

Darling Mum, as we mourn you today, we have one promise for you. That the “Famous six” you left behind will continue to uphold your teachings, and that your passing unto glory as well as dad’s passing, will make us band together even stronger. We have suddenly become orphans. This is what life has just thrown at us, but we know that you and dad will continue to look down from heaven to intercede for us.

We are consoled by our faith and our belief that both of you are resting peacefully with the Lord in heaven.

We miss you mum. We just miss you. May your shinning bright light never cease. Rest in Perfect peace beloved Mum.

Ouch Bebe(Uchy)